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October Short Story Topic

October 01, 2019 11:43AM
In honor of the Meryton Assembly being held in October, this month’s short story challenge is:

How Darcy and Elizabeth meet.

Will you rewrite the Meryton Assembly? Will Lizzy’s razor sharp wit skewer him on the spot? Will she take a more hands on inventive revenge instead of laughing at him? Maybe she maneuvers him into dancing a set with her mother or Lydia as payback for the insult or accidentally spills her wine in his lap. Will they meet earlier or later in Meryton, London, Derbyshire, Ramsgate, Kent, Bath, or anywhere else? Will they meet at Binley and Jane’s wedding? Will he insult or charm her? Maybe they meet in high school and she devotes an entire pod cast or youtube episode to an anti-Darcy campaign. Maybe she is the President/Owner of a company and he’s the new VP.

This is October’s suggested topic. That does not mean you HAVE to post the story in October or even use this idea. Don’t be afraid to post a September topic story now. We love a good story no matter when it’s posted.

September 2019 – She believed that the answer to everything was in a good cup of tea.
October 2019 – How Darcy and Elizabeth meet.

October Short Story Topic

LizzySOctober 01, 2019 11:43AM

Re: October Short Story Topic

MarciOctober 16, 2019 11:57PM

Re: October Short Story Topic

MarciOctober 01, 2019 04:46PM

Re: October Short Story Topic

LizzySOctober 01, 2019 05:31PM


NN SOctober 01, 2019 10:53PM

Re: JaOctGoHoNo?

LizzySOctober 02, 2019 02:15AM


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