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September 27, 2019 03:46PM
I'm going to try asking this in the right place now....

Does anyone here participate in National Novel Writing Month? I'm thinking of participating this year, and wondered if anyone wanted to do it with me? Keep each other on track, maybe?

My story is a pretty simple one...

Summary: When you have a mother who is obsessed with Jane Austen and five sisters whose lives seem to follow one of that author’s famous works, it is hard to be a Mary Bennet. With everything stacked against her, from being the middle child, to her youngest sister’s elopement with a man in the military, Mary Bennet finds it easy to accept her own character's storyline and never marry.

The only problem is that Ms. Austen stopped her book with her eldest two daughter’s marriages, and Mrs. Bennet…well…did not. Mary was pleased that Kitty was happy to fall in line with her mother’s shenanigans – it took the focus off of her. However, now Mary was the last Bennet to marry and Mrs. Bennet was determined she would.

Finding herself the sole focus of her mother’s matchmaking was starting to become a problem. Desperate for Mary to marry, Mrs. Bennet has taken to bringing anyone and everyone by Mary’s tea and coffee shop at all times during the day multiple times a week. When Mary can’t take it anymore, she looks to her elder sister, Lizzy, for help.

Unfortunately, Lizzy’s solution is the exact opposite of what Mary wants: Mary should date and date often. Mary agrees to allow her sisters control over her personal life for a year until Kitty’s wedding. If during that time Mary and her sisters cannot find someone with whom she can be in serious relationship with, Mrs. Bennet will accept that Mary may never marry.

Now all Mary has to do is to survive the next 365 days.


MarciSeptember 27, 2019 03:46PM


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