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Fiztwilliam Darcy Elopes

July 02, 2019 08:27PM
Hi Everyone!

This is just a quick message to let you know that I’m (eventually) going to have Fiztwilliam Darcy Elopes taken down for publishing.

I won’t be publishing it until at least after the kids go back to school at the end of August, but I thought I’d put the notice now so that if anyone wants to download a copy for their personal use they have time to do so.

I will always be appreciative of the support and encouragement given to authors in this forum.

Thank you!

Fiztwilliam Darcy Elopes

BethWJuly 02, 2019 08:27PM

Re: Fiztwilliam Darcy Elopes

Sarah WaldockJuly 08, 2019 12:04AM


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