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Re: Many thanks!

July 08, 2019 12:03AM
I am glad you are enjoying, I am sorry the stupid thing won't let you comment. If you feel you need to say something, you can always email me on sjwaldock@yahoo.co.uk - I do check spam from time to time as yahoo eats sundry of my long time correspondents as well as new ones.

I probably won't get anything posted after the current two are done until I get back from holiday but you never know, new glasses might give me a sudden urge to write.


Hi all, I am still alive and writing and now dry.

Sarah WaldockJune 27, 2019 09:09PM

Re: Hi all, I am still alive and writing and now dry.

KarenteaJune 28, 2019 02:51AM

Re: Many thanks!

Sarah WaldockJuly 08, 2019 12:03AM

Didn’t mean to post the sane thing twice! nfm

KarenteaJune 29, 2019 07:06AM



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