April 23, 2019 10:13PM

This Sunday, 28 April, a new sequence starts in the Dick Tracy comic strip titled "The Occam's Razor Case." It's a two-week "fair-play whodunit" (in contrast to the regular type of story usually run in Tracy, which is generally a pursuit in which the villain's identity is known to the audience), that will end on 5 May.

And I'm the author!

Janet Rudolph, who publishes and edits a magazine called Mystery Readers Journal (to which I am a frequent enough contributor that I am sometimes referred to as a "contributing editor"), also has a daily 'blog about crime fiction called Mystery Fanfare, and she invited me to do a guest 'blog about my Tracy story. You can find the 'blog here:


And, just in case your newspaper doesn't carry Tracy, you can follow the strip here:


Let me know what y'all thought!


I'm a Guest Writer on Upcoming Storyline in DICK TRACY

Jim D.April 23, 2019 10:13PM

Re: I'm a Guest Writer on Upcoming Storyline in DICK TRACY

Anita NMay 12, 2019 06:16PM


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