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Re: Looking for stories

July 12, 2018 07:10AM
Do you mean 'The Gardiner Connection'? It was posted at another site, and listed in the Jane Austen Fanfiction Index (at least if you have access to one of the sites containing it).

I've been enjoying "Happier in Her Friends Than Relations" and the recently completed "Nine Ladies", to name the first two that came to mind (I've enjoyed quite a few of the stories that I've been following lately).

I also recently reread "The Other Mr Bingley" and "Adventures at Morecastle", both from this site, and enjoyed them again. But I think there are so many good stories in the archives here that you can just throw a dart and you have a fair chance of finding something you like. I sometimes hit the random selection button and start reading - if it doesn't appeal to me after a couple of minutes I just do it again. I rarely have to push it more than a couple of times even if I'm in a picky mood.

Looking for stories

NicoletteJuly 12, 2018 01:57AM

Re: Looking for stories

Harvey S.July 12, 2018 07:10AM


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