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Re: Infatuation vs love? (Crawfords, Churchill and more)

July 02, 2018 04:51PM
You gave us a great many ideas to inspire further thought.
First, I quite agree that Edmund was only infatuated with Mary and exactly for the reasons you state.

I wouldn't call Mary's and Henry's feelings for their respective partners true love because of the inherent selfishness of their attachment: they both only committed to the relationship so long as it did not require any effort or sacrifice from them. They primarily sought their own gain and gratification. However, you are right that their feeligs are sincere in that they aren't deceptive. They both genuinely appreciate the good qualities of Edmund&Fanny, respectively; they both genuinely want this appreciated person for their own partner - so long as they don't need to give, to compromise, to commit, to improve. This is the only sort of love these thoroughly selfish, immature ad immora/amorall characters were capable of.

I'm intrigued by your Emma and Masfield Park parallels. I don't think Edmund/Mary and Knightley/Emma are really analogous. I can imagine Edmund would .like/dream to be Mary's moral mentor as we see Knightley tries to argue/reproach with Emma - but I think Knightley doesn't really want to be a mentor to Emma. He really wants to be her equal, wants her to be his equal, and is truly happy when Emma corrects her slight of Miss Bates after his admonishments, entirely on her own. I feel Edmund enjoys his position of moral superiority far more. Mary is unlikely to ever respond to him positively. Also, although Emma is immature at the beginning, she has a very sound moral compass. Let's not forget that she has a great capacity for selflessness. she orders all her life around her foolish, half invalid half hypochondriac father, denying herself a great many enjoyment, without feeling a sacrificial lamb or resenting her father. Mr. K nightley only points out to her what she does wrong, she corrects it out of her own will to do right.

Frank/Jane and Henry/Fanny is more likely to be similar. I never liked Frank Churchill and firmly believe JAne Austen lets him off the hook far too easily. The only difference is that we don't know any immoral/licentious behavior of him, unlike Henry Crawford. Otherwise, they are quite of the same ilk. Jane/Fanny are also probably very similar, only we know far less about Jane Fairfax because her true self is so much hidden throghout the novel, most of it is known through other people's perspective.
I agree that Frank would quite likely make Jane miserable.

Infatuation vs love? (Crawfords, Churchill and more)

Cat H.June 30, 2018 06:41AM

Re: Infatuation vs love? (Crawfords, Churchill and more)

LizaAugust 11, 2018 10:19PM

Re: Infatuation vs love? (Crawfords, Churchill and more)

AdelaideJuly 17, 2018 12:25AM

Re: Infatuation vs love? (Crawfords, Churchill and more)

AmytatJuly 16, 2018 03:09AM

Re: Infatuation vs love? (Crawfords, Churchill and more)

Agnes BeatrixJuly 02, 2018 04:51PM

Re: Infatuation vs love? (Crawfords, Churchill and more)

Cat H.July 04, 2018 05:52AM

Re: Infatuation vs love? (Crawfords, Churchill and more)

AdelaideJuly 07, 2018 03:43PM


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