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Looking for a story

June 08, 2018 11:21AM
Hello everyone!
I'm looking for a regency story that I think I read on this website some years ago.

Elisabeth is married to an extremely abusive (and title? baronet maybe?) man.
She's very battered when Darcy discover her and bring her to Pemberley for a very long recovery. Mrs Reynolds is shocked by the state she's in.
Her husband takes her back home and abuse her again.
He died somehow and Elisabeth goes back to Darcy.
She will never be able to play the pianforte because she was tied to the bed.
And the husband had an estate named Trapmonton (not sure of the spelling) and is known by the Colonel because he "joke" about the name : it's apropriate to "trap them (=women), mount themn own them".

So if that's ring a bell, please tell me the name of the story.
I thank you!

Looking for a story

costiluluJune 08, 2018 11:21AM

Re: Looking for a story

AiJune 12, 2018 04:40AM


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