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Re: Regency Reference Materials

December 01, 2017 07:55PM
My top dozen picks of books for Regency research

1. All things Austen, Olsen
This comes in the cheaper one-volume version or the more expensive two-volume version, and it really is worth while saving up for the two-volume version. This is a really good overview.

2. The Epicure’s Almanack
This is a book written in 1815 covering places to eat in London. The reprinted edition also has excellent notes from a modern perspective elucidating the text.

3. 1811 dictionary of the vulgar tongue
I love this book, it gives ordinary slang, naval slang, and University slang as well as the cant beloved of both the underworld and sporting gentlemen.

4. Paterson’s Roads
Principal north-south roads and cross roads listed with stops, principal seats of landowners passed, rivers and toll gates. Beware of modern reprints, they are often badly scanned.

5. Mrs. Rundell’s new Domestic Economy 1806
My copy is a 1851 reprint but it is identical in all particulars to online versions of the original. More than recipes, also advice on running a household and how to make things like boot blacking

6. The London Art of Cookery and Domestic Housekeeper’s compleat assistant
Like Mrs. Rundell, much more than just a cookery book. I wish I hadn’t mislaid the link to the online version, the modern reprint is easy enough to read but it’s not easy to navigate. Chiefly in this is the list of food in season by the month.

7. The Complete Servant, by Samuel & Sarah Adams
Although not published until the 1820s, this contains a wealth of information about the duties of the servants and what they might expect.

8. Shops and Shopping by Alison Adburgham
Admittedly only the first part of this is useful for the period but it does cover quite a lot of ground. I believe this is the book Georgette Heyer used.

9. The Traveller’s Oracle, or Maxims for Locomotion, by William Kitchiner
Reprinted very well, and not only containing information about the dangers of travel, but also includes the cost of maintaining horses and carriages etc.

10. Courtship and Marriage in Jane Austen’s World by Maria Grace
A handy book where all the rules of behaviour and law governing marriage are put together. Maria has another excellent little book on the Christmas customs of the period but I don’t refer to that as often.

11. Dance with Jane Austen by Susannah Fullerton
For those necessary balls and public assemblies, and how not to write about the heroine in a faux pas of tripping lightly to a dance forty years out of date like the BBC did.

12. Ackermann’s The Microcosm of London
The modern reprint has lousy pictures but you can find better reproductions of them on the net. 3 volumes with snippets of information about the places Ackermann considered important in the first decade of the 19th century.

I have dozens more books I go to for specialist knowledge, Louden’s 1828 encyclopaedia of gardening [mostly taken from earlier magazine articles he had written], Curl’s ‘Spas, Wells and Pleasure Gardens of London,’ ‘The Georgian art of Gambling’ by Clair Cock-Starkey, ‘Georgian Bath’ and ‘Georgian London’ by Pat Dargan, Cruikshank’s ‘Secret History of Georgian London,’ Cox’s ‘A certain share of low cunning’ about Bow Street runners, Agnes Allen’s ‘The Story of the Highway’, ‘A Treatise on Carriages’ in two volumes, reprinted with lousy illustrations but also as a google book, by William Felton, ‘Prinny’s tailor’ by Chaz Bazalgette, mostly for the prices and names of fabrics, a selection of books on gardens of the period, more specialist books yet on esoteric knowledge of an eclectic nature such as wallpaper, the language of flowers, fans, horses, sheep and architecture. I also use the online library for such gems as ‘Ackermann’s repository’ which has all the fashion pics in, and ‘The Gentleman’s Magazine.’

Regency Reference Materials

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