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JAOCTGOHONO Challenge 2017 (2nd try hopefully with poster)

October 09, 2017 11:29PM
I apologise for the lateness of this post but I'll be writing my finals next month which effectively means that I'm currently in revision H-E-double hockeysticks and half out of my mind.

How does this thing work, I hear you ask. Well, nothing's easier explained:

The JAOCTGOHONO is a Halloween challenge that's very light on rules. Effectively they are as follows:

Write a Halloween story. Make it funny, make it sad, make it full of horror, whatever floats your boat. This year's theme is: "Crossing Over" or "Cross-Over" or whatever you can think of when looking at the poster above.
Adhere to the DWG guidelines; i.e. keep it clean.
Post your story on Oct 31st, Halloween.
Use a horror name (think Simpsons' Halloween episodes!) when you post, BUT put your actual name in the AN so that our lovely mods know whose story they're archiving. If you've participated in previous years, please use the same name that you used before.

And that's all, folks. Now go forth and write beautifully shocking or shockingly beautiful Halloween stories!

Disclaimer: While I did paint the ferryman myself (well, messed about in Ps), I blatantly stole the idea of it from another painting which is evocative, beautiful, and breathtaking. Click here to see what I mean (link leads to deviantart).

JAOCTGOHONO Challenge 2017 (2nd try hopefully with poster)

KatharinaOctober 09, 2017 11:29PM

Re: JAOCTGOHONO Challenge 2017 (2nd try hopefully with poster)

UlrikeOctober 11, 2017 08:31PM

Re: JAOCTGOHONO Challenge 2017 (2nd try hopefully with poster)

Mari A.October 10, 2017 06:42AM


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