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Re: YAY!!! grinning smiley nfm

May 16, 2017 12:12AM
I hesitate to post this because I don't want to promise something I won't deliver on, but I think the question's worth asking. I've actually been thinking for some months that i might follow through with my original idea some years ago to write Tye/Georgie's story properly as a full-length piece,something showing them falling in love and the effects of love, instead of these piecemeal one-shots. I would post it here at DWG and probably also on that larger austen fanfiction site where I might up the content rating a tiny bit (I don't think we're allowed to disclose the name of that site here because their stories have much higher ratings. I've never posted on said site before, but I'd probably post both places this time around...everyone knows which site I mean, yeah?)

My question is: would you rather have a post this week which served as the first chapter of a much longer piece, starting chapter 1 when Georgie's still at Cambridge and going forward from there?

or option B. would you rather read a Tye/Georgie engagement post this weekend (y'all have waited a long time for it), with the understanding that if I do expand Georgie and Tye's story into something longer, that scene might be subject to changes later?

Tye and Georgie

BernadetteEMay 15, 2017 02:15AM

YAY!!! grinning smiley nfm

KarenteaMay 15, 2017 08:26PM

Re: YAY!!! grinning smiley nfm

BernadetteEMay 16, 2017 12:12AM

Option A... nfm

KarenteaMay 16, 2017 03:11PM

Re: Option A... nfm

BernadetteEMay 18, 2017 01:25AM

The long story please...

Agnes BeatrixMay 16, 2017 08:55AM

Re: YAY!!! grinning smiley nfm

NickiMay 16, 2017 08:00AM

Re: YAY!!! grinning smiley nfm

BrigidMay 16, 2017 03:11AM


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