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Looking For A Story

May 09, 2017 07:21PM
I don't remember much so here is what I remember:

Not sure I think Elizabeth was underage, I think the Collins' (I think there were father and son) came to take custody of her and Longbourne somehow Elizabeth out maneuvered them,( I think she dressed as a boy and rode a horse to a different town to get away from Meryton...she did have the horse returned) I am not sure if this is the same story but I think she helped a shy Georgiana at an Inn gave her a handkerchief with her initials (Ecool smiley when she was upset but introduced herself as something Rose, which was noted by Darcy. Darcy hired her as a companion and they went to Pemberley he knew she was hiding her identity. Wickham hooks up with the Collins' trying to find her for the money (where there is money lurks Wickham).

She is an Heiress...apparently there was an Aunt that left Elizabeth her wealth.

Elizabeth not only inherited her properties and money, she also inherited a locket/Cameo in which Elizabeth looked like the Aunt she never met but was named after.

There were properties, I think she left the London Townhouse to Bingley and Jane I think (not sure if Jane is even in the story).

She also left some money for Charlotte.

She also left properties and money for other people...I think she might have gave Longbourn to the Gardiners.

Her most significant bequest was to Colonel Fitzwilliam, she made him. She left him money and an estate...he quit the military that same day and the Matlock's were very happy. The Colonel and Charlotte also married.

Sounds familiar?


Looking For A Story

Mari MMay 09, 2017 07:21PM

Re: Looking For A Story

EnoraJuly 23, 2017 11:02PM


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