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Re: For Maria V, re Sherlock Holmes.

October 23, 2015 04:00PM

Piggy-backing off my namesake, Holmes's only point was that Darcy did nothing overtly and deliberately rude at the dance, with the possible exception of his remark about about Lizzy, which wasn't meant for her ears. Further, in P&P itself, Miss Austen's own view of Darcy would seem to accord with Holmes's. That is to say, fundamentally he's a decent, honorable man, who is uncomfortable in social situations. That's what he turns out to be in the book. That's what Austen had planned for him.

And I would suggest that it is precisely because Holmes is socially inept that he sees past the surface sooner than most readers might.

Your point about Mr. Sprague is well-taken, but, even in the context of oh-so-polite Regency England, Darcy's actions at the Assembly aren't that extreme. Ask your husband what it's like to go to your first high school mixer and have to work up the courage to ask a girl to dance. Hell, look at Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire to see how difficult it is for a teen-aged boy to ask a girl out on a date.

I'm sure that Miss Austen wanted her readers to join the Meryton community, and particularly Lizzy, in disliking Darcy for his actions at the dance. But that was because she wanted the pleasant surprise when he turned out to be an OK guy to be that much more of a surprise. It's a credit to her talent that she evokes such hostile feelings for a guy who really didn't do anything but act shy in company, and make one nasty remark that he thought would go no farther than his friend. Jim's point is that Holmes is able to see past that earlier than most readers, able to see that the people of Meryton, and most readers, are judging Darcy from a set of circumstances that don't really provide that much insight into his true character.

And that's the whole point about Holmes. He's always able to see things sooner than anyone else.


For Maria V, re Sherlock Holmes.

Jim G.MOctober 23, 2015 11:54AM

Re: For Maria V, re Sherlock Holmes.

Maria VOctober 25, 2015 02:36PM

Re: For Maria V, re Sherlock Holmes.

Jim G.MOctober 25, 2015 06:49PM

Re: For Maria V, re Sherlock Holmes.

Jim D.October 23, 2015 04:00PM

Re: For Maria V, re Sherlock Holmes.

Jim G.MOctober 24, 2015 01:14PM


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