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Re: Congratulations!

October 05, 2015 08:12PM
As Obi-wan Kenobi said, you just took your first step into a larger world. it's exciting to write your first, and yes, it is hard work but very rewarding. You can expect a novel length story to take about 100 hours to write, up to about 1/4 of which is research. A first novel will take longer because you will be more nervous and need those outlines, drafts, and more revisions. And they are all different, I took 3 years to write one, and turned out 87k words in 15 days on another, because sometimes you stall, and come back later and suddenly it all falls into place, and you finish it in no time flat, and sometimes you sigh over disciplining yourself to write 2,500 words a day and find you have to go back and rewrite the parts which were all willpower.
If you need another reader, PM me, I don't guarantee to be fast, as I am a full time carer as well as a self employed author, but I will look it over inside a couple of weeks.

Story help

LizzySOctober 05, 2015 05:41PM

Re: Story help

PatriciaNOctober 06, 2015 03:55PM

Re: Story help

PeterOctober 05, 2015 06:24PM

Re: Story help

LizzySOctober 05, 2015 06:56PM

Re: Congratulations!

Sarah WaldockOctober 05, 2015 08:12PM


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