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Re: London / travel from airport

August 15, 2015 06:16AM
But I'm already in Europe and would preferably be flying out of my local airport ;-)

Eindhoven flies only on Stansted and then only really early or really late at that. We live less than 500m away from the direct bus line to the airport. So we could leave home at 6:30 and fly out at 8:00. Fly for an hour, half hour transit, hour and a half for cheap bus to Stratford. Total time 4.5 hours.

There are no cross-border trains anywhere near us, so for the Eurostar:
- we'd have to drive to Brussels (2h) and check in 1h before departure. Total time would be up to 6h to get into St Pancras.
- OR alternatively we'd have to drive to Roosendaal (1h) and take the international train to Brussels leaving at least an hour between arrival of that and departure of Eurostar. Total time maybe 7h.
- even worse is taking the train out of Eindhoven, because we'd have to change at both Tilburg and Roosendaal. Total time far too long.
I'm counting on half an hour for StPancras-Stratford.

My husband thinks train time is far too long (8 to 10 hours; I don't know how he came up with that). I was rather in favour of it, because I thought flying would end up more expensive due to luggage costs and the Stansted-Stratford train (though a week's parking near a train station is costly too). And the unreliability of plane ticket prices. It's all very well to reckon with 25 euros per ticket, but it never happens and most usually it's 95 or something. And if, say, collecting luggage was slow and the train station not directly under the airport, that would be disadvantages too.

He thinks we can manage with cabin luggage. OK, I forgot to count the kids as being able to bring on cabin luggage items, but still: we are going to a swimming tournament, my swimming bag is usually packed. He says "we (read: 'you') can do laundry there". Don't count on it. Four pyjamas and toiletries, and all those changes of underwear fill one large rucksack alone. And it will be May: you actually need clothes. Luggage-wise I really preferred the train, where there's no extra cost as far as I know and it's all nearby.

I'm undecided myself. I might prefer 560 euros for 6.5 hours leaving home at 9am over 550 euros for 4.5 leaving home at 6am.

I guess it all comes down to finding a really good deal once May 2016 can be booked.

London / travel from airport

LiseAugust 13, 2015 11:02AM

Re: London / travel from airport

Sarah WaldockAugust 14, 2015 09:21PM

Re: London / travel from airport

LiseAugust 15, 2015 06:16AM

Re: London / travel from airport

TeresaCAugust 16, 2015 03:50AM

Re: London / travel from airport

LiseAugust 16, 2015 06:08AM

Re: London / travel from airport

TeresaCAugust 16, 2015 01:23PM

distances in a small country

LiseAugust 16, 2015 01:47PM

Re: London / travel from airport

LiseAugust 15, 2015 06:40AM


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