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Re: Express riders on Sunda?

August 09, 2015 08:08PM
I read in one paper that the Mail was 25 hours from London to York and vice versa. The adverts for stage coaches usually specifically state 'except Sunday' [ie, leaving every day except Sunday] where they ran daily rather than being a service that ran, say, on tuesday and friday, returning on the same days. Usually being a single coach belonging to that company in that case. The Royal Mail was required to maintain an average speed of 8mph, which doesn't sound much to us, but was pretty amazing in those days. And if I hear you say 'yes but Heyer spoke of regular 16mph prads' those were high bred horses on light sporting vehicles and they couldn't be expected to keep up that sort of speed for more than a short time. Even as Highbury was '2 hours from London' - Leatherhead, which it's based on is 16 miles from the Inns of Court where Isabella Knightley lived - which meant 8mph for regular horses but only for 2 hours. Keeping that up with a big heavy coach for hour after hour meant serious stamina, and I wager most of the horses were Cleveland bays, known for their staying power.
More trivia, which might or might not be useful. I can't find anything in a quick flick through in 'coaching ways and coaching days' which might be helpful but it's a massive tome with no index....

Express riders on Sunda?

LizzySAugust 09, 2015 04:05AM

Re: Express riders on Sunda?

Jean M.August 09, 2015 04:02PM

Re: Express riders on Sunda?

Sarah WaldockAugust 09, 2015 08:08PM

Re: Express riders on Sunda?

Jean M.August 10, 2015 02:05AM

Re: Express riders on Sunda?

Sarah WaldockAugust 10, 2015 11:04PM

Re: Express riders on Sunda?

RJanAugust 09, 2015 10:02PM

Re: Express riders on Sunday?

LizzySAugust 09, 2015 10:33PM


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