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Re: Caroline bashing mood

July 16, 2015 01:05AM
other books or plot bunnies?
If it's a plot bunny you're looking for, here's a suggestion: have her brother bring home a quietly dressed gentleman of modest manner whose coach has met with an accident, and she is rude to him and spurns him, and then it transpires he's a nobleman travelling incognito for some purpose of his own.

Caroline bashing mood

LizzySJuly 16, 2015 12:19AM

Re: Caroline bashing mood

SandyLJuly 19, 2015 09:08AM

Re: Caroline bashing mood

Sarah WaldockJuly 16, 2015 01:05AM

Re: Caroline bashing mood

LizzySJuly 16, 2015 07:27PM

Re: Have fun! (nfm)

Sarah WaldockJuly 17, 2015 12:36AM

Re: Caroline bashing mood

Sandy CJuly 16, 2015 08:02PM

Re: Caroline bashing mood

AlanJuly 16, 2015 06:54AM

Re: Caroline bashing mood

LizzySJuly 16, 2015 07:17PM

I agree, really good story, Alan

RedsonJuly 18, 2015 03:57PM


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