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Re: Thanks!

July 12, 2015 11:36PM
we have a shop down the road who do clever things for affordable prices, and they specialise in data retrieval, so fingers crossed...
And of course I just blew some royalties on some expensive non-stick kitchen ware! still, what it costs will be worth it, it has 10 years of research on it, some of which but not all is backed up. I should back up more than monthly.... especially when I've done heavy research....
I am replacing the damn flash drive with a small external hard drive which i can duct-tape to the laptop... I've had one flash drive partly eaten by a cat before now [she bit right through the plastic covering] and one that bent by putting it in [didn't buy that make again] and I'm sick of them.
So, in about 9 hours, the hubby is off down the road for me... fingers crossed....


Sarah WaldockJuly 12, 2015 07:02PM

From the bottom of the barrel...

Rae ElaineJuly 16, 2015 03:34PM

Re: Modified rapture re reprobate's redemption

Sarah WaldockJuly 15, 2015 11:25AM

Re: Disaster

Jean M.July 13, 2015 07:34PM

Re: thanks and OOER

Sarah WaldockJuly 13, 2015 11:05PM

Re: thanks and OOER

Jean M.July 14, 2015 08:40PM

Re: thanks and OOER

Sarah WaldockJuly 14, 2015 09:28PM

Re: thanks and OOER?

Rae ElaineJuly 15, 2015 03:45PM

Re: thanks and OOER?

Sarah WaldockJuly 15, 2015 04:41PM

Re: thanks and OOER??

Rae ElaineJuly 16, 2015 03:09PM

Re: thanks and OOER??

NickiJuly 17, 2015 12:47PM

Re: thanks for explaining for me, Nicki (nfm)

Sarah WaldockJuly 23, 2015 08:09PM

Re: Disaster

nicoletteJuly 13, 2015 01:24PM

Re:thank you!

Sarah WaldockJuly 13, 2015 07:20PM

Re: Disaster

Agnes BeatrixJuly 12, 2015 11:19PM

Re: Thanks!

Sarah WaldockJuly 12, 2015 11:36PM


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