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Confusions resolved(?)/Re: ... of P&P Time Slip 1/5

April 04, 2015 04:55PM
Thank you for your thoughts on my JANE AND ELIZABETH'S PARANORMAL JOURNEY story.

First, I hope the technical problems with readability are fixed. You may have suggested others may have story problems, and I am not clever enough to work around some. I am not familiar with Jane Austen's MP, NA, & Per stories, but S&S, P&P, & Emma start at one point and progress through the story in sequential events, in one time line. Events of the past are told in narrative style as "Col. Brandon"'s report to Elinor of "Willoughby"'s seductions (S&S) or "Darcy"'s report of "Wickham"'s offenses in his letter to "Miss Elizabeth Bennet" (P&P).

Readers of a time - travel story may be tripped because it must start with two (or more) time lines (e.g.; Dr. Who). Those lines must be maintained and developed until the convergence event. That is my intention as I write such stories. No good reason to alter Jane Austen's start of the P&P time line, so I copied the first parts of Chapter 1, Vol.1. It make sense to start my story with that extract from the past. Then my "Preface" must continue with the first person introduction in the present (relatively).

Chapter I start with developing what is happening in the contemporary time line. Then it go back to P&P's Longbourn to show what happened to Jane and Elizabeth. They are temporarily left in the paranormal phenomena, which beg the question; "how long does it take to go forward 200 years. Normally, it take 200 years.

The final setup and convergence follow. Once Jane and Elizabeth is in the contemporary time and along with the ride, you should notice that the story continue in the contemporary time line, until...

Second, I cannot comprehend how this story can be; "jargony Sci-fi stuff." Did the type "Starlifter" cause you to think Sci-fi? I would have thought "a Star Trekker classic" would be aware that "techno-babble" is to be gone over quickly, although technobabble came to be more associated with ST: The Next Generation.

Aircraft types such as "C-5" is known as a "Galaxy," an "A-10" was the "Thunderbolt" but better known as a "Wart hog," &c. If I have any defective jargon, it could be in radio communication dialog, because I have never studied flying. I only "pile it" higher. :-]

"Starlifter 67-0007" is Not a "futuristic space ship:" That was one of the airplanes in the C-141-A fleet I used to repair the radio navigation systems during the late-1970s. In fact, that particular airplane may be in "mothballs" at the boneyard, or it may be butchered like the one about 10% of the way down the page: http://www.airplaneboneyards.com/davis-monthan-afb-amarg-airplane-boneyard.htm

If I was a jet engine mechanic, my descriptions during the engines' restart may be more accurate. I wish I had a pilot beta and a "Regency speak" beta, because I suspect Jane and Lizzy are not likely to pick up current American speech patterns as fast as I wrote.

Please bear with me as I get the rest of the chapters posted. Chapter II is buried at: http://www.dwiggie.com/phorum/read.php?5,115345,115345#msg-115345 I fancy that you can then see the meaning to my madness. Chapter III should be posted soon, and how much of a teaser is not a spoiler?

"The avalanche has started. It is too late for the pebbles to vote." -Ambassador Kosh Naranek

Repair and retitle reposts of P&P Time Slip 1/5

Rae ElaineApril 02, 2015 11:46PM

Re: Repair and retitle reposts of P&P Time Slip 1/5

TrishApril 03, 2015 07:32PM

Re: Repair and retitle reposts of P&P Time Slip 1/5

AdelaideApril 03, 2015 03:41PM

Confusions resolved(?)/Re: ... of P&P Time Slip 1/5

Rae ElaineApril 04, 2015 04:55PM

amendment to my original post

AdelaideApril 03, 2015 11:13PM


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