Mari K.
January 17, 2015 08:06AM
I have just watched the last episode of this vlog I follow. There was an interesting twist: Lucy Steel had a history with leukaemia (was sick or could be, I'm not exactly sure). So, that is the reason why Edward is reluctant to break up with her. I must admit that while this revelation surprised me, it's still very effective in the story. After all, whyever should a young man like Edward feel honour-bound to Lucy, if not for some serious, grave motive?

However, I can't help thinking that whatever Lucy told Edward about her illness must be either an exaggeration or a ruse to bind him to her. Her cunning ways throughout the novel could be an argument in my favour. I really hope, of course, that she is not sick at all.

I wonder how the writers are planning to adapt Mrs. Ferrars' rage about Edward and Lucy's relationship, or the matter of the Ferrars brothers' inheritance.

Elinor and Marianne Take Barton Vlog - spoiler for ep. 17!

Mari K.January 17, 2015 08:06AM


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