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Literary Deja Vu - HELP!

January 06, 2015 07:02PM
Hello! This is my first time with a message board, but I desperately need help. I have been on a fan-fic kick recently and have read so many stories that they have started to run together. It's not too bad a problem to have, but now I'm searching for a particular book/story and can't remember where or when I read it.

Plot: A long-lost/unknown Bennet relative returns to England from the West Indies to obtain an education and take his place as the rightful heir to Longbourn, ahead of Mr. Collins. He is an orphaned, charming young man. His late mother was connected with the peerage, and the Bennet daughters gain connections to better London society through his mother's family (who, of course, don't approve of the Bennets). The main thing that sticks out in my mind is an army officer uncle who is a bad influence, Mr. Bennet being very worried that his heir will fall into disreputable habits, and Darcy in competition with another uncle for Elizabeth's affections.

Does this ring a bell to anyone out there?

Literary Deja Vu - HELP!

AmyWelliverJanuary 06, 2015 07:02PM

Re: Literary Deja Vu - HELP!

Debra McJanuary 06, 2015 08:01PM

Re: Literary Deja Vu - HELP!

Shannon KJanuary 06, 2015 08:29PM

Re: Literary Deja Vu - HELP!

Debra McJanuary 06, 2015 08:43PM

Re: Literary Deja Vu - HELP!

AmyWelliverJanuary 06, 2015 09:21PM


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