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A Novel Idea

For NON-Jane Austen-based creative writing. 

The Old Coach Road; a poem (Deleted)

Sarah Waldock05/20/2018 05:11PM

Re: The Old Coach Road; a poem

Lily05/23/2018 03:10PM

Re: careful ...

Sarah Waldock05/23/2018 04:00PM

Re: The Old Coach Road; a poem

Agnes Beatrix05/21/2018 08:14PM

Libby 7-9 (Deleted)

Sarah Waldock05/20/2018 10:19AM

Re: Libby 7-9

Lily05/20/2018 01:36PM

Re: Libby 7-9

Sarah Waldock05/20/2018 05:07PM

Re: Libby 7-9

ChristinaK05/23/2018 04:40PM

I love your plans! (nfm)

Lily05/23/2018 03:56PM

Daisy 19-21 (Deleted)

Sarah Waldock05/19/2018 10:57AM

Re: Daisy 19-21

Lily05/20/2018 12:47PM

Re: Daisy 19-21 I apologise....

Sarah Waldock05/20/2018 01:07PM

Re: Daisy 19-21 I apologise....

Lily05/20/2018 01:45PM

Re: Daisy 19-21

Agnes Beatrix05/19/2018 06:21PM

Re: Daisy 19-21

Alida05/19/2018 10:54PM

Re: Daisy 19-21

Sarah Waldock05/20/2018 10:17AM

Libby 4-6 (Deleted)

Sarah Waldock05/17/2018 11:08AM

Re: Libby 4-6

Agnes Beatrix05/18/2018 07:09AM

Re: Libby 4-6

Sarah Waldock05/18/2018 12:06PM

Re: Libby 4-6

Lily05/17/2018 03:29PM

Re: Libby 4-6

Sarah Waldock05/17/2018 11:03PM

Re: Libby 4-6

Emelyn05/18/2018 02:26PM

Re: Liking that ... thank you (nfm)

Sarah Waldock05/18/2018 09:58PM

Daisy 16-18 (Deleted)

Sarah Waldock05/16/2018 10:24AM

Re: Daisy 16-18

Lily05/17/2018 02:04PM

Re: Daisy 16-18

Sarah Waldock05/17/2018 10:58PM

Re: Daisy 16-18

Agnes Beatrix05/16/2018 04:52PM

Re: Yes!

Sarah Waldock05/16/2018 06:15PM

the girls of Swanley Court School (Deleted)

Sarah Waldock05/16/2018 10:18AM

Re: the girls of Swanley Court School

LisaW05/16/2018 02:35PM

Re: glad it is helpful! (nfm)

Sarah Waldock05/16/2018 04:21PM

Libby 1-3 (Deleted)

Sarah Waldock05/14/2018 10:41AM

Re: Libby 1-3

Lily05/17/2018 02:21PM

Re: Libby 1-3

Sarah Waldock05/17/2018 10:49PM

Haven't yet finished reading it, but...

Agnes Beatrix05/16/2018 02:06PM

Well, now that I finished...

Agnes Beatrix05/16/2018 04:06PM

Re: Haven't yet finished reading it, but...

Sarah Waldock05/16/2018 02:22PM

Re: Libby 1-3

Amy Beth05/16/2018 12:08AM

Re: Libby 1-3 sorted thanks (nfm)

Sarah Waldock05/16/2018 10:13AM

Re: Libby 1-3

Alida05/15/2018 12:54AM

Re: Dyslexia lures KO?

Sarah Waldock05/15/2018 11:28AM

Re: Dyslexia lures KO?

Alida05/15/2018 11:34AM

Re: one of the things I don't pay you ladies for... (nfm)

Sarah Waldock05/15/2018 04:16PM

Daisy 13-15 (Deleted)

Sarah Waldock05/13/2018 06:25PM

Re: Daisy 13-15

Shanee05/13/2018 09:11PM

Re: Hester/Julia

Sarah Waldock05/13/2018 09:59PM

Titled? ~ 69

Lise05/12/2018 07:16PM

Re: Titled? ~ 69

Alida05/13/2018 02:32AM

Re: Titled? ~ 69

Nicki05/13/2018 05:35PM

Re: Titled? ~ 69

Sarah Waldock05/12/2018 08:36PM

Daisy supplemental (Deleted)

Sarah Waldock05/12/2018 02:32PM

Re: Daisy supplemental

ChristinaK05/23/2018 04:33PM

Re: you're welcome! (nfm)

Sarah Waldock05/24/2018 09:46AM

Daisy 10-12 (Deleted)

Sarah Waldock05/10/2018 05:28PM

Re: Daisy 10-12

ShannaG05/12/2018 02:01AM

Re: Daisy 10-12

Sarah Waldock05/12/2018 10:14AM

Re: Daisy 10-12

Alida05/11/2018 12:42AM

Re: Daisy 10-12

Lily05/10/2018 08:37PM

Re: Daisy 10-12

Sarah Waldock05/10/2018 09:09PM

Daisy 7-9 (Deleted)

Sarah Waldock05/07/2018 09:42AM

Re: Daisy 7-9

ShannaG05/08/2018 07:47PM

Re: Daisy 7-9

Lily05/08/2018 10:45AM

Re: Daisy 7-9

Sarah Waldock05/08/2018 06:51PM

Re: Daisy 7-9

Lily05/08/2018 08:35PM

Re: thank you so much!

Sarah Waldock05/08/2018 10:49PM

Re: Daisy 7-9

Karentea05/07/2018 07:50PM

Re: sadly pulled

Sarah Waldock05/08/2018 06:42PM

lol grinning smiley. nfm

Karentea05/08/2018 07:01PM

Daisy 4-6 (Deleted)

Sarah Waldock05/04/2018 10:06AM

Re: Daisy 4-6

Alida05/05/2018 11:47AM

Re: Mr Nettleby

Sarah Waldock05/05/2018 06:22PM

Re: Mr Nettleby

Alida05/05/2018 08:27PM

Why, it is a cliffhanger!

Lily05/04/2018 09:37PM

Re: Why, it is a cliffhanger!

Sarah Waldock05/04/2018 11:32PM

Re: Daisy 4-6

Agnes Beatrix05/04/2018 12:58PM

Daisy 1-3 (Deleted)

Sarah Waldock04/30/2018 11:47PM

Re: Daisy 1-3

Lily05/03/2018 11:01AM

Re: Daisy 1-3

Sarah Waldock05/04/2018 10:04AM

Re: Daisy 1-3

Lily05/04/2018 09:40PM

Re: rewrite to include him completed (nfm)

Sarah Waldock05/04/2018 11:33PM

Re: Daisy 1-3

Alida05/01/2018 10:30AM

Re: Daisy 1-3

Nicki05/01/2018 06:53AM

Re: Daisy 1-3

Shanee05/01/2018 12:49AM

Re: Daisy 1-3

Agnes Beatrix05/01/2018 06:07PM

Lucilla 6-7 (Deleted)

Sarah Waldock04/20/2018 02:55PM

Re: Lucilla 6-7

ConnieR04/21/2018 08:34PM

Re: Lucilla 6-7

Lily04/21/2018 12:28PM

Re: Lucilla 6-7

Sarah Waldock04/21/2018 11:36PM

Re: Lucilla 6-7

Lily04/22/2018 01:36PM

Re: Lucilla 6-7

Agnes Beatrix04/26/2018 07:20AM

Re: grinning smiley (nfm)

Sarah Waldock04/22/2018 09:26PM

Re: Lucilla 6-7

Karentea04/20/2018 10:09PM