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A Novel Idea

For NON-Jane Austen-based creative writing. 

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Crysty06/17/2008 09:10PM

Isabelle ~ 13

Lise09/26/2016 12:19PM

Re: Isabelle ~ 13 - LOL

Lily09/27/2016 03:00PM

Re: Isabelle ~ 13

Sarah Waldock09/26/2016 06:25PM

Grace's Gift 1-3

Sarah Waldock09/25/2016 05:45PM

Re: Grace's Gift 1-3

Lily09/27/2016 02:35PM

Re: Grace's Gift 1-3

Karentea09/27/2016 01:01AM

Re: grinning smiley (nfm)

Sarah Waldock09/27/2016 07:15AM

Re: Grace's Gift 1-3

Alida09/26/2016 11:18AM

Re: Thanks!

Sarah Waldock09/26/2016 06:19PM

Untitled? ~ 37

Lise09/23/2016 02:41PM

Re: Untitled? ~ 37

Sarah Waldock09/25/2016 05:16PM

Re: Untitled? ~ 37

Karentea09/24/2016 02:17PM

Re: Untitled? ~ 37

Alida09/24/2016 07:54PM

Re: Untitled? ~ 37

Sarah Waldock09/25/2016 05:17PM

Isabelle ~ 12

Lise09/22/2016 01:31PM

Re: Isabelle ~ 12

Sarah Waldock09/25/2016 05:10PM

Re: Isabelle ~ 12

Alida09/22/2016 08:55PM

Re: Isabelle ~ 12

Karentea09/22/2016 03:07PM

Untitled? ~ 36

Lise09/17/2016 09:53AM

Re: Untitled? ~ 36

Sarah Waldock09/17/2016 07:19PM

Re: Untitled? ~ 36

Lily - not logged in09/18/2016 09:04AM

Re: ... which is ridiculous (nfm)

Sarah Waldock09/20/2016 09:18AM

Exactly! (nfm)

Lily09/20/2016 12:52PM

Argh... Sorry for the typos! My phone always gets creative at the worst possible time (nfm)

Lily09/19/2016 07:11AM

Isabelle ~ 11

Lise09/14/2016 02:33PM

Re: Isabelle ~ 11

Sarah Waldock09/16/2016 12:05PM

Re: Isabelle ~ 11

Lily09/14/2016 05:06PM

Re: Isabelle ~ 11

Nicki09/14/2016 04:42PM


Lise09/15/2016 07:02PM


Sarah Waldock09/16/2016 12:06PM


Alida09/16/2016 08:51PM


Amy Beth09/19/2016 05:01PM


lise on phone09/19/2016 07:44PM


CarrieAnn09/16/2016 09:54PM

Untitled? ~ 35

Lise09/08/2016 09:28AM

Re: Untitled? ~ 35

Sarah Waldock09/09/2016 12:03PM

Re: Untitled? ~ 35

Alida09/09/2016 09:01PM

Re: Untitled? ~ 35

Sarah Waldock09/16/2016 11:49AM

Isabelle ~ 10

Lise09/05/2016 12:22PM

Re: Isabelle ~ 10

Sarah Waldock09/09/2016 11:57AM

Re: Isabelle ~ 10

Lily - not logged in09/05/2016 07:43PM

Re: Isabelle ~ 10

Lise09/06/2016 05:07AM

Re: Isabelle ~ 10

Lise09/06/2016 11:25AM

Not really...

Lily09/06/2016 06:43PM


Lise09/06/2016 06:55PM

Re: OK

Lily09/07/2016 02:18PM

Re: OK

Lise09/07/2016 02:34PM

Re: OK

Lily09/07/2016 04:46PM

Untitled? ~ 34

Lise09/01/2016 07:44AM

Re: Untitled? ~ 34

Sarah Waldock09/01/2016 10:32PM

Re: Untitled? ~ 34

Lily - not logged in09/02/2016 10:09AM

Re: Untitled? ~ 34

Sarah Waldock09/03/2016 10:38AM

Isabelle ~ 9

Lise08/28/2016 06:19PM

Re: Isabelle ~ 9

Sarah Waldock08/29/2016 10:03PM

Untitled? ~ 33

Lise08/26/2016 08:32AM

Titled, I mean

Lise08/26/2016 08:33AM

Re: Titled, I mean

Sarah Waldock08/26/2016 02:24PM

Re: Titled, I mean

Lise08/26/2016 02:38PM

Re: Titled, I mean

Sarah Waldock08/27/2016 03:38PM

Isabelle ~ 8

Lise08/23/2016 07:14AM

had a nice pattern going, but

Lise08/28/2016 05:06AM

Re: LOL we won't whinge (nfm)

Sarah Waldock08/29/2016 09:26PM

Re: Isabelle ~ 8

megan e08/25/2016 01:04AM

Re: Isabelle ~ 8

Lise08/25/2016 12:29PM

Re: Isabelle ~ 8

Lily - not logged in08/24/2016 08:23AM

Re: Isabelle ~ 8

Lise08/24/2016 08:40AM

Re: Isabelle ~ 8

Sarah Waldock08/23/2016 05:08PM

Titled? ~ 32

Lise08/21/2016 06:25AM

Re: Titled? ~ 32 Nice! (nfm)

Sarah Waldock08/21/2016 04:45PM

Re: Titled? ~ 32

Lily - not logged in08/21/2016 08:12AM

Isabelle ~ 7

Lise08/18/2016 01:04PM

Better and better! (nfm)

Lily - not logged in08/18/2016 09:36PM

Re: Isabelle ~ 7

Sarah Waldock08/18/2016 08:45PM

The Pugilist Peer 25-26 finis

Sarah Waldock08/16/2016 03:26PM

Re: The Pugilist Peer 25-26 finis

Agnes Beatrix08/18/2016 11:06AM

Re: thanks for the good wishes from all

Sarah Waldock08/18/2016 08:40PM

Re: The Pugilist Peer 25-26 finis

Alida08/16/2016 08:24PM


Lily08/16/2016 08:03PM